Standard components and stainless steel furniture for hotels, communities, restaurants and pizzerias

The Tech-Inox Company is able to follow all the stages of the work, from the creation of the project to the completion of the finished product. The stages of the work can then be divided into:

  • Study of the client’s project – possibility of developing and using technical department creating drawings.
  • Possibility to visit from our staff on site for the various measurements.
  • Price quotation.
  • First processing of the material chosen for the project: (steel, iron, aluminum) with laser carving
  • Passage to the phase of the bending pieces.
  • Switching to components of the welding phase.
  • Passage to the deburring stage of welded parts
  • Switch to the final cleaning and polishing phase of the finished product.
  • Possible packaging.

The client submits to us his idea or his project and, if it has not been realized yet, we provide with our technical office the drafting of maximum drawings and quotations. After the client’s acceptance of the budget and the executive drawings we begin the work.

The chosen material is laser cut, if it is sheet metal; on the contrary, if the work involves the use of tubes, profiles or plates, they are cut with cutters or cutter.

After the first phase, the semi-finished products pass to the bending department with bending machines.

After bending, the components are welded to obtain the finished product. From the welding department, it passes to the finishing department for the deburring and polishing of finite details.

At this point, after finishing the process, the finished product is ready to be packaged and then shipped to the customer.